Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buffalo to Austin, to Buffalo

In October 2010 I drove from my hometown of Buffalo, New York to Austin, Texas for the 2010 National Preservation Conference.  This year the 2011 Conference happens to be in Buffalo so I won't be traveling at all.  Since the Conference has many repeat attendees and half of America's population lies within a day's drive of Buffalo, I thought potential visitors might want to see just a few of my photos.  You probably won't travel a 4,500 mile route through 16 different states like I did, but here's my travelogue anyway.

All I used was a GPS, a cheap digital camera, a "This Place Matters" sign and a tiny pumpkin as a sort of Travelocity Gnome / Flat Stanley (it was Halloween, after all).  Thanks to Andrew Gorman of the National Trust for setting up my field session schedule, Henry McCartney of Preservation Buffalo Niagara for all the other Conference arrangements (including days off for travel), and Jennifer Walkowski for providing the pocket-sized pumpkin.

TO PLAY: Click on the captions before clicking Play or a new window will open.  There are about 25 slides changing automatically every 10 seconds.  This slideshow is in 3 parts: Before, During, and After the Conference.

--Fred Schrock, Education Coordinator