Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside - FREE TOURS in January and February

Every Friday at 10am in January and February, Buffalo Tours will offer free downtown walking tours when the temperature is 25 degrees or below. For each degree above 25 the cost goes up $1 to a maximum of $10 per adult ($5 for students). Price is determined 15 minutes before the tour using the Weather Channel website for the 14203 zip code. Tours meet in the Buffalo Visitor Center at 617 Main Street.

In the coldest weather, Buffalo Tours' trained, volunteer docents quickly go from historic interior to historic interior, from M&T's gold dome to St. Paul's Cathedral. This Winter Special was the result of a walking tour held last February for twenty people. The temperature that day: three degrees Fahrenheit, not including the wind chill factor. Maybe it's crazy to be outside when the weather is this cold, but that hasn't deterred our visitors yet. Why not reward the heartiest tour-takers with even crazier prices?

Unlike winter Bills games at the Ralph, shirts are required on all tours. Tour goers are not allowed to pray for bad weather. Attendees from within Western New York are encouraged to brag that "this is nothing" in the vicinity of out-of-towners. No change is given for coupons or Buffalo Tour Bucks.

Reservations are not required. For more information, visit or call (716) 852-3300.