Sunday, May 11, 2008

May Tour Schedule

It's not too late to treat Mom. Click here. Also see links at right.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Treat Mom to a Walking Tour

5/10 Saturday 9:30 AM $10 Downtown Revealed
5/10 Saturday 9:30 AM $10 Millionaire's Row
5/10 Saturday 10:00 AM $10 Parkside Neighborhood Tour
5/11 Sunday 11:00 AM $10 Inside the Central Terminal

Downtown Revealed
You don’t know Buffalo if you don’t know the landmarks by master architects Louis Sullivan, Daniel Burnham, Richard Upjohn, and E. B. Green. The Guaranty Building, St. Paul’s, and the Ellicott Square Building are as magnificent on the inside as on the outside. The tour also includes City Hall, Old Post Office, Old County Hall, and lower Pearl Street.
Meet at Market Arcade, 617 Main Street

Millionaires’ Row
In Buffalo’s glory days, Delaware Avenue’s mansions stretched from Niagara Square to Gates Circle and constituted a tightly knit neighborhood where everyone knew each other and many were related. A number of the surviving mansions have been adapted for corporate, educational, and nonprofit uses. Millionaire’s Row today is a National Historic District. As we stroll the Avenue, we’ll discuss these architectural treasures and the business barons who built them.
Meet at Delaware Avenue & North Street

Parkside Neighborhood Tour
Once an encampment during the War of 1812, then a stop along the Beltline Railway, the Parkside Historic District tour includes a showroom for the fabled Pierce Arrow motorcar, the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, and Central Presbyterian Church. See how the history of this Frederick Law Olmsted-inspired neighborhood underscores its present-day status as one of Buffalo's finest communities.
Co-sponsored by the Parkside Community Association
Meet at the Church of the Good Shepherd, 96 Jewett Parkway

Inside the Central Terminal
The Art Deco Central Terminal evokes poignant memories of departure and reunion … and dismay over its deterioration under various owners. Since 1997, the nonprofit Central Terminal Restoration Corporation has arrested deterioration, restored the tower clock, conducted regular clean-ups and sponsored well-attended events in this magnificent structure. See the results and hear about future plans.
Co-sponsored by the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation
Meet at the Central Terminal on Memorial Drive off Broadway and Paderewski Drive (not the Market Arcade as published in Gusto)